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    Ultrasound, X-Ray and DEXA scan

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    Specialized tests, scans for longevity

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    Home health screening for my family

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    Customized health checkup packages

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GenixPRO Executive Health Screening

All About You

Maximize your holistic well-being potential. Predict, prevent, prevail health conditions.
GenixPRO Executive Health Screening
  • Personalize your health screening. Why pay more for routine lab tests and scans? Let's customize the affodable package ideally suited to your needs.

  • Predict risks early. All-in-one. Advanced diagnostics. Combine baseline tests with advanced biomarkers and scans. You deserve the support needed to delay the onset of diseases and live healthy, longer.

  • Actionable insights. Detailed review. Holistic follow-up. Fast results. Access securely online. Review with our physician. Use our AI Powered, Human Led platform to generate your lifestyle plan. Participate in guided, instructor-led health coaching activities. Transform Your Health.

Let's Do This.

Assess Your Health Risks
Access 1:1 Physician Consult

Progressively assess, monitor and manage your health status.
Unlock longevity. Proactive prevention, not reactive repair.
GenixPRO Executive Health Screening
  • Cost-effective, comprehensive, diagnostic test panels
  • Know your vitamins and minerals deficiencies, needs
  • Schedule tests for weight and sugar level imbalances
  • Tests for iron deficiency, anaemia, PCOS, stress, poor sleep
  • VO2 Max, DEXA scan for aerobic fitness, performance, longevity
  • Anti-aging, healthspan focused tests like ApoB, LP(a) and more
  • Advanced tumour markers and cervical health screening
  • Autoimmune diseases, food allergies or sensitivities screen
  • Fully customizable panel of tests available worldwide
  • Integrated lifestyle assessment. Doctor review and follow-up

Tools you need to Maximize Your Health.

Now Available. Easy. At your fingertips.

Executive Health Screening

PREVENT | Chronic Disease

Diagnostics | Ultrasound

DNA and Gut health screening forms only a part of the specialized whole-person health risk assessment we offer. Discover essential health insights from diagnostic biomarkers to know your present health status.

We offer a variety of preventive ultrasound imaging and scans to assess health risks early and to mitigate risks of health conditions like fatty liver, thyroid imbalances, PCOS, breast and ovarian cancers, among others.

Security and privacy of your health records is our priority. You control how your health data is accessed, shared, and with whom. We DO NOT share your data with any third party without your prior explicit consent.

Health Screening Packages

Our comprehensive health checkups include diagnostics, ultrasound and lifestyle assessment. Ask About Discounts* OFF list, for same day purchases. Enquire Now

Our Specialized Add-on Tests.

Multi Cancer Screening

Multi-Cancer Screen

Early detection test that screens for DNA signature common to 50+ cancer types. Predict risks early, together with single cancer tests.

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Full Body MRI Screen

Full Body MRI

Most advanced full body MRI scan that covers 26 regions or organs. Screen for and diagnose more than 500 conditions. Launching Soon*

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GenixPRO Cardiac Risk Screening

Cardiac Risk Screen

Advanced diagnostics and scans like Apolipoprotein B (Apo B), Lipoprotein a or LPa, CT Calcium Score, Treadmill Stress ECG, 2D Echocardiogram and more.

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GenixPRO Cognitive Health Screening

Cognitive Health Risks

Predict risk of alzheimer's disease, dementia through a combination of tests, scans and customized DNA screening assays. Gain actionable insights early.

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GenixPRO Sleep and Weight Management Services

Sleep | Weight Issues

Assess diet, activity, weight, sleep, stress, heart rate using our integrated wearables and lifestyle service. Know your optimal lifestyle biohacks.

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GenixPRO Body Composition Assessment

Body Composition

Using DEXA scan and BMD, know your visceral fat, bone mineral density, total body fat, risk of metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions.

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GenixPRO Vitamins and Minerals Screen

Vitamins and Minerals

Together with Homocysteine, assess vitamins and minerals levels for Vit. D, B12, Folate, Iron, Ferritin, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium.

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GenixPRO Women Health Screen

Women's Health

Screen for menstrual irregularities, menopause, thyroid, PCOS, hormonal imbalances causing weight gain or mood problems.

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GenixPRO Iron Deficiency Anaemia Screening

Low Energy | Fatigue

Suspect that feelings of general tiredness or low enegry may be due to Iron deficiency? Don't guess. Check Iron levels and glucose imbalances.

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GenixPRO Stress and Anti-Aging Tests

Stress | Anti-Aging

Our advanced adrenal stress profile screens for cortisol and cortisone pathways, sIgA, DHEA, melatonin, metabolites and more using DUTCH test.

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GenixPRO Liver and Pancreas Screen

Liver and Pancreas

Check for bile acid production, digestive enzymes that help break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats. With ultrasound to screen for gallstones or fatty liver.

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GenixPRO Advanced Renal Screen

Renal Screen

Screen for microalbunaria, Cystatin C, heavy metals toxicity that may compromise glomerular filtration rate or elevate kidney disease risks.

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GenixPRO Fatty Acid Screen

Amino | Fatty Acids

Complete amino acid, fatty acid and organic acid profile. Personalize your nutrition and lifestyle choices with advanced screening tests.

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GenixPRO Allergy Screening

Allergy | H Pylori | SIBO | Leaky Gut

Screen for IgG or IgE allergies, food intolerances, Gliadin, GI Map and Zonulin test for leaky gut, H. Pylori or SIBO test for Hydrogen, Methane, CO2.

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GenixPRO Fitness and Endurance Screening

Fitness and Endurance

Assess aerobic fitness and lungs, heart, circulation and muscle efficiency with VO2max test. Use RMR test to compute your daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and calorific burn.

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GenixPRO Immunity | Sexual Health Screening

Immunity | Sexual Health

Check for biomarkers of inflammation, immunity, auto-immune response, bacterial or viral infections, and sexual health screening for men and women.

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Our Services

GenixPRO Comprehensive Tests

Executive Health Check

Choose from a variety of health screening packages for your needs. Flexible options to fully customize your test plan. Schedule tests conveniently at home or clinic.

GenixPRO Ultrasound and Imaging Options

Ultrasound and Imaging

Add X-Ray, ultrasound, ECG, MRI and CT scan, mammogram, bone mineral density (BMD), treadmill test, sleep and stress tests, brain wave imaging and other advanced diagnostics.

GenixPRO Telemedicine Consultation

Doctor Consultation

Access test results online within 48 hours*. Securely. Schedule follow-up* with our doctors via. a tele-consult or in-person visit. Get clinical and lifestyle advice, medication (if required).

GenixPRO Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Use NYAH™ our instructor-led, digital health coaching platform. Participate in fitness, nutrition, mental health and holistic well-being activities.

How It Works

Three easy steps. All from home. It’s that simple.

Leading Global Standards

Our partner labs incorporate latest technological advances and equipment from leading service providers.
GenixPRO Global Lab Partnerships
  • Leading laboratory partnerships and collaboration for sample processing and reporting in a relatively short turnaround time
  • Secure, online health vault to access your reports and track your health data, any time, anywhere, and on any device
  • Shift from paper-based to electronic health records. Enjoy complimentary lifetime membership to securely store and conveniently access health data for self and family
  • Reach out to our network of scientists and medical experts in-country and globally, to seek advise and consultation on a variety of health conditions

Our Product Differentiation

Categories GenixPRO™ Others
Technology: Use most advanced Screening Modalities and tests offered from partner labs worldwide
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Assessment: Comprehensive and includes diagnostics, lifestyle and ultrasound/imaging
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Recommendations: Based on holistic assessment and in consultation with physician review
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Services: Offer integrated Diagnostics | Imaging | Medical Examination
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Value: Only provider to offer most advanced DNA and Gut Health Screening add-on
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Analytics: AI-powered Health Risk Stratification (Diseases | Deficiencies)
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Support: Lifetime access to secure health portal. Measure, monitor and track your health
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Purpose: Health Priority Analysis. Digital Health Coaching. Your Holistic Health Transformation.
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided

Customize Your Health Screening

Ideally suited for employees and families health screening for
first time or regularly, desiring a more holistic health checkup.

Executive Health Checkup

  • Maximize Your Health Screening. At no additional cost*, upgrade to our most comprehensive, greatest value Diagnostics | Ultrasound | Lifestyle based health assessment
  • Comfort. Convenience. Choice. No waiting in queues. No travel to clinic. No work disruptions. On-Demand, on-site, at-home* screening. Fully customized. No compromise.
  • Early Detection. Lower Costs. Know your health risks early. Telemedicine consult with our registered physician. Save time. Intervene early at lower cost. Maximize return on your wellness spend
  • Transform Your Health. Use NYAH™ our Digital Health Coaching app. Engage in awesome in-app activities to learn about and optimize diet, nutrition, fitness, mental health and holistic well-being
Let's Do This.

Health Risk Assessment

GenixPRO Home Health Screening

Proactive. Preventive. Participatory.

Health screenings are typically a cost-effective measure for individuals to better understand their health status and detect signs of illness or disease early, even when one may appear reasonably healthy and not display any symptoms. If a medical condition or disease is detected early through regular health checks, it may allow individuals to receive appropriate care with timely treatment and intervention, at generally lower costs.

Most healthy individuals tend to schedule a health screening at least once a year or once every two years. However, if getting tested for chronic diseases or specific health conditions, these screening intervals may vary. For example, screening for colorectal cancer requires patients to undergo a Fecal Occult Test (FOBT) yearly, while a LBC pap smear may be done once every two or three years to screen for cervical cancer in women.

Regardless of your choice of health screening, it is important that you schedule health checks regularly, for early detection and prevention. Unlike other health screening providers offerings premium packages with sometimes avoidable tests and scans, GenixPRO™ health screening packages are designed to offer you flexibility and choice to customize your health check. Participate and own your health transformation. Begin Today.

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