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Is your child a fussy eater? Do they suffer from recurrent abdominal
discomfort or fall ill easily? Don't stress. Get their BabyBiome™ test.

Our holistic, at-home BabyBiome™ Gut Health test is an all-in-one, integrated Lifestyle and Gut Health assessment. This test helps you understand how your baby's gut microbiome may be impacting their holistic well-being now and likely susceptibility to certain health conditions in the future.
In combination with lifestyle biomarkers, our unique gut health whole genome sequencing test assesses your child's likely risk for over 22 digestive, metabolic health conditions, metabolites production, immunity, energy levels, sleep, eating habits and social response. Enhance your baby's Gut Health and personalize nutrition. Maximize their holistic well-being today.

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Parents identified the following considerations when choosing BabyBiome™ test:
  • Caesarian delivery or early formula feeding
  • Symptoms of colic, prolonged crying or irritability
  • Diaper rashes likely due to yeast infection
  • Malnutrition or general eating disorders
  • Abdominal pain likely due to excess gas
  • Constipation, loose stools or diarrhea
  • Poor night time sleep duration, quality
  • Food sensitivities, allergies, asthma or eczema
  • Metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes
  • Poor social skills or delayed development
GenixPRO BabyBiome Test


Our infant health checkup combines environmental and gut microbiome assessment. Book our innovative infant gut test, or Enquire Now to customize your baby's needs.
  • Learn about your baby's gut microbiome composition and diversity
  • Understand ways that mode of delivery, nutrition and early environmental interaction influences their gut health
  • Learn about the critical role played by the gut microbiome in the first 1,000 days of development, in supporting your child's growth and immunity
  • Identify likely good and likely harmful (pathogenic) gut bacteria, and their role in impacting infant health and general well-being
  • Know the likely risks for common health conditions and identify ways to mitigate such risks
  • Learn about ways to personalize nutrition and supplementation, including needed probiotics for optimal growth and development
  • Contact us for any add-on lab tests, ultrasound or imaging requirements

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What you will learn?

Infant Gut Microbiome Composition

Microbial Composition

Relative abundance of different microbial species, good and bad bacteria, pathogens present in your baby's gut

GenixPRO Infant Health Risk Assessment

Health Assessment

BabyBiome™ Gut Health Index comprising lifestyle and gut health assessment, and likely risk for health conditions

GenixPRO Personalized Nutrition


Personalized diet and lifestyle guidance (along with list of foods to eat or avoid) for babies and their nursing mothers

GenixPRO Personalized Supplements


Probiotics and prebiotics recommended for infants to nurture a diverse microbial community and healthy gut


The infant gut gets seeded by mother's gut and skin bacteria through placenta, vaginal route of delivery and breast milk. Studies suggest that babies whose microbiome development is disrupted either due to a caesarean delivery, early antibiotic use, limited breastfeeding or other factors, are likely at a higher risk for a variety of health conditions, including asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, irritable bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, and obesity. Thankfully, recent scientific evidence suggests that regardless of the mode of delivery, parents can take appropriate steps to nurture their baby's microbial ecosystem favorably, through proper diet, nutrition and supplementation.

Our BabyBiome™ report assesses the gut microbiome composition in babies at the time of test, the good and likely harmful bacterial species, as well as probiotics and pathogen abundance. The test may allow parents, pediatricians, and healthcare providers to better understand infant gut health determinants, nutritional requirements, and assist with the proper planning of baby's diet. As it is equally important for mothers' to optimize their gut microbiome for the benefit of their child, it is recommended to combine BabyBiome™ with our GenixPRO™ Gut Health Screening for pre-conception and pregnant mothers*.

Decode your child's inner gut health secrets today, to take the guesswork out of enhancing their well-being.

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What you feed is what they get. Optimize mothers' microbiome
for the development of a healthy baby and their gut microbes.
  • A child comes in contact with fecal, vaginal and skin microbiota of their mother during delivery, and they become early colonizers of infant gut
  • Maternal diet influences maternal microbiota composition and development
  • Maternal microbiota can translocate to placenta, mammary glands and breast milk. Similarly, maternal antibodies and microbial metabolites influence immune development in the infant
  • Optimize mother and baby gut microbiome for better health

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How it Works

Our technology provides an understanding of the complex gut microbiota and their functional potential. Results reported include a snapshot summary of your baby's gut microbiome and health assessment in combination with lifestyle and environment.
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