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Innovative Employee Health Screening

AI and Machine Learning powered evolution of "the usual" Employee Health Checks.
Introducing most advanced nutrition, fitness and health risk assessments to enable
a paradigm shift from reactive to predictive and preventive health care.

Maximize Employee Well-being

Comprehensive Health Check

  • Asia's First. Award Winning. Most comprehensive, customizable, low cost, at-home DNA and Gut Health screening. Greatest value delivered.
  • Address TOP Employee Health Priorities using our innovative, data-driven, scientific, evidence-based Health and Wellness programs
  • Empower employees and families to access and understand their holistic health blueprint to make sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Elevate Your Brand. Become industry leader. Offer uniquely differentiated, modern, holistic employee health benefits
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Employees' preferred choice
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Employees of several large, small and medium businesses mention
following reasons to prefer our at-home, holistic health assessment:
  • Convenience. Privacy. Choice
  • Most advanced, greatest value assessment
  • Flexible appointments, at-home service
  • Personalized and customized health checkup
  • Early detection, predictability, lower costs
  • Modern, differentiated, future of work benefits
  • Actionable recommendations, lifestyle advice
  • Diet, fitness, stress, sleep and weight management
  • Helps me accomplish my health goals successfully
  • Unique, very holistic, end-to-end value proposition


Empower employee health transformation using Asia's first AI and Machine Learning powered Health Risk Assessment, that integrates a multi-disciplinary Clinical | Lifestyle | DNA | Gut Microbiome health screening, with personalized health coaching follow-up.
GenixPRO Employee Health Screening

Home Health Screening

No waiting in queues. No travel to clinic. No work disruptions. On-Demand, On-site, At-home screening. No compromise. Greatest convenience.
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GenixPRO Digital Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Insights - Unique | Individual | Actionable. Increases engagement and adoption. Award-winning, differentiated solution to modernize your employee benefits for future of work.
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GenixPRO Health Monitoring

Lifestyle Monitoring

Most advanced, holistic well-being solution. Assess health risk comprehensively, proactively. Includes follow-ups, progress tracking
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Beginning with transforming Employee Health, we’re on a mission to empower every human live healthy, with certainty. By personalizing healthcare using GenixPRO™
GenixPRO Employee Health Screening

Employee Health Screening

“Inconvenient location or operating hours” is a primary reason for employees to not undergo a health checkup. Our at-home health screening eliminates bottlenecks, offers convenience and health access to all.
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GenixPRO Comprehensive Blood Test Panels

Blood Tests

We offer a variety of advanced health screening packages and blood tests, to service individual employee needs and budget. We partner top-tier labs globally to make healthcare affordable and accessible to your employees.
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GenixPRO Comprehensive Imaging Options

Imaging | Scans

We offer X-ray, MRI, CT scans, ultrasound with elastography, mammography, ultrasound scans, DEXA scans and bone mineral densitometry, cardiovascular assessment and stress ECG. All-in-one, low cost service offering.
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GenixPRO Healthcare Ecosystem

Digital Health Ecosystem

Access to locally registered doctors, certified nutritionists and dieticians, nutrition, fitness and genetics counselors and functional medicine experts. Instructor-led programs for employee health transformation.
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GenixPRO Empowers Everybody

Measurable Impact

Evidence-based integrated program comprising Clinical | Lifestyle | Genetics parameters.
Scientifically identify a roadmap to enhance your Employee and Organization healthcare.
GenixPRO Healthcare Ecosystem
GenixPRO Data Driven Healthcare

Data-Driven Approach

Workplace Wellness doesn't have to be a subjective metric. Measure and monitor the ROI and Health Index of your organization with GenixPRO™

GenixPRO Personalized Fitness

Maximize Innate Abilities

Unique DNA guided insights to personalize fitness, weight, stress management; programs suited to natural strengths of each individual.

GenixPRO Personalized Nutrition

Actionable Recommendations

Empower individuals to make the necessary lifestyle changes to cultivate and improve health. Make it accountable, engaging and rewarding using GenixPRO™ AnyConnect™ real-time dashboard and mobile apps.

GenixPRO Delivers Results

Improved Outcomes

Reduce healthcare claims, increase employee engagement, elevate brand positioning as "Employer of Choice". Better. Together.


A holistic health program exclusive to your organization. Access all our products on-demand - for Employees | Individuals | Families | Healthcare Providers.

NutriGenix™ | Nutrition

Understand your weight-loss potential, ideal diet type, food sensitivities, vitamins and antioxidant needs, detox ability and eating behavior. Make right choices to enhance metabolic health.

FitGenix™ | Fitness

Know your power vs. endurance profile, aerobic performance, injury risk, stress recovery pathways, bone and joint health. Identify fitness programs best suited to your innate strengths.

EmoGenix™ | Mental Health

Assess resilience, stress response, personality, memory performance, sociability. Behavior traits that may help one respond better to environment and life events.

SkinGenix™ | Personal Care

Wouldn’t we all like to know if and when we are going to lose our hair, develop premature greying or skin ailments? Stop guessing. Knowing genetic risks can save your hair and skin.

BabyGenix™ | Prenatal

Knowledge is reassuring. Get vital information about your baby as early as 10-weeks into your pregnancy, from a simple non-invasive test. Plan your pregnancy with assurance.

MyGenix™ | Health Conditions

Know your predisposition and inherited risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, or cancer. Monitor biochemical parameters not typically assessed in blood-tests.

Assess. Analyze. Act.

Our comprehensive, scientific approach includes health checkup, health coaching, personalized diet and fitness plans, follow-up tests, and program adherence monitoring - delivering actionable recommendations for your holistic health.

Situation Assessment

Quantify data on wellness attitudes, productivity, costs, internal metrics*.

Data Aggregation

Medical history, vitals, biometrics, lifestyle, medications data.

Traits Discovery

Comprehensive health screening. Onsite or at home.

Holistic Health Index Reports

Online, personalized, health risk index reports.

Health Advisory

Personalized review to help you comprehend your baseline results.

Action Plan

8/12-week fitness and diet plan recommendations.

Program Execution

Functional teams, contests, mindset lessons, motivation, engagement.

App-based Tracking

Ongoing wellness, fitness, nutrition advisory, coaching, 6-month follow-up.

Functional Details

Use our Digital Health Platform to influence a positive behavior change in individual health and wellbeing.

Health Dashboard

Quickly, conveniently and securely record, store, access, and analyze your clinical, genetic and lifestyle information. Comprehensive assessment for holistic health.

Wearables Integration

Sync with your preferred wearable - Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch, iPhone, and others. We aggregate data from a variety of ecosystem partners.

Smart Analytics

Individual and health provider mobile apps and reporting. Your personalized, preventive healthcare action plan and tools to achieve your goals. Faster. Together.

Health Alerts

SMS alerts, medication and appointment reminders, campaigns, in-app notifications, chatbots, health checks.

Health Coaching

Measure and track individual progress, customized activity planner, nutrition advice, schedule follow-ups on mobile.

Full Customization

Integrate with your business website, custom notes, forms, templates by cohorts, billing, scheduling, reporting.

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