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Restore the balance between your body, lifestyle and your gut microbiome. Start today.
Importance of Gut Health
Our most comprehensive, holistic, at-home Gut Health Screening test is an all-in-one, integrated Blood Test | Lifestyle | Gut Health assessment. This test helps you understand how your gut microbiome health may be impacting other aspects of your holistic wellbeing.

In combination with over 75 blood tests and 85 lifestyle biomarkers, our unique gut health whole genome sequencing test assesses your likely risk for over 96 digestive, metabolic and neurodegenerative health conditions, biological aging, metabolites production, immunity, energy levels, sleep, stress and resilience. Join the tens of thousands on a mission to Enhance Gut Health and Personalize Nutrition. Maximize your holistic well-being today!


Our members choose to examine their gut health proactively,
when they experience one or more of conditions listed below:
  • Irregular or irritable bowels, IBD, leaky gut
  • Food and skin sensitivities, allergies
  • Difficulty in losing weight
  • Abdomen or stomach pain, bloating
  • Constipation, diarrhea, indigestion
  • H. Pylori, SIBO, gastritis or acid reflux
  • Low immunity, poor sleep quality
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Low energy, fatigue or brain fog
  • Inflammation, bone and joint discomfort


Gain health insights, personalized nutrition and supplementation
recommendations. Optimize lifestyle choices for holistic health.

Gut Health Screening

Did you know that the trillions of microbes in your gut affect your health, aging, digestion, immunity, cognitive functions, weight, mood, and even personality? Check your gut microbiome composition today.

  • Discover your beneficial and harmful gut bacteria, probiotic and pathogenic species. Identify ways to optimize your gut health
  • Learn how your gut bacteria influence your risk for obesity, diabetes, IBD, IBS or poor mental health, sleep, immunity, resilience, and more
  • Personalize Your Health Plan. Be empowered to make the right nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices to maximize your health
Check Your Gut

Personalize Your Nutrition


Our executive health checkup packages combine blood test, lifestyle and gut microbiome assessment. Choose from our popular options, or Enquire Now to customize your package.

What you will learn

Gut Microbiome Composition

Microbial Composition

Relative abundance at bacterial genus and species level, good and bad bacteria, pathogens abundance

Gut Health Conditions

Health Conditions

Your GenixPRO™ Gut Health Index score and likely risk for over 60 health conditions

GenixPRO Personalized Supplements


Vitamin and SCFA biosynthesis, probiotics, prebiotics needs to nurture healthy gut

Personalized Nutrition

Food Choices

Personalized food recommendation to over 600 food items in 22 categories


Follow our recommendations and take the test every 6 months
  • Track your disease protection, microbiome diversity, dietary fiber ratings, and anti-inflammatory potential
  • Follow the evolution of your beneficial and probiotic bacteria levels
  • Get fresh food and probiotic supplement recommendations

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There are trillions of microorganisms living on and inside of our body, majority in the gut. Among these vast bacterial communities are those that are beneficial to human health (such as probiotics like B. Bifidum, B. Longum), as well as those that cause disease (such as pathogens like H. Pylori, C. difficile). These microbes synthesize vitamins, communicate with our immune system, and help to combat infections. They also help to produce chemicals that regulate hormonal balance, allow you to feel full and affect the way you digest food or metabolize medication.

As they are in physical contact with the foods you consume, your gut bacteria influence nutrient absorption and energy storage. Studies have shown that a low diversity of gut bacteria is linked with obesity and poor health. Everyone’s mix of microbes is unique, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that experts can prescribe to improve health. Decode your inner gut health secrets today, to take the guesswork out of enhancing your well-being.

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How it Works

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Utilising The Most Advanced Whole Genome Sequencing Technology. For Results You Can Trust.


Our technology provides a comprehensive assessment of the complex gut microbiota and their functional potential. Our reports provide a snapshot summary of your gut microbiome profile, your holistic health index score, likely disease risks and personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations based on your gut profile.
GenixPRO Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Easy to use, non-invasive sampling
  • Gut health insights using the most advanced whole genome sequencing technology
  • Evidence-based, supported and verified by experts
  • Reports include health risk stratification, disease causing gene assessment, probiotics, prebiotics and dietary recommendations

Most Advanced Technology. Comprehensive Insights.

Gut Health Check

GenixPRO™ Whole Genome Sequencing technology scans your entire microbial genome including species and strains, providing you with comprehensive and detailed results.

Most Advanced Technology in Asia

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