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Need Help To...

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    Overcome weight related health challenges

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    Monitor risk of fluctuating glucose levels

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    Personalize diet for better glycemic control

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    Build healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits

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    Generate your nutrition and fitness plan

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    Reverse early onset diabetes and pre-diabetes

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GenixPRO Continuous Glucose Monitoring

All About You

Monitor and track your glucose levels in real time.
Gain insights to personalize your nutrition and fitness.
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss. Looking for best ways or diets to lose weight? Did you know that our glucose imbalances may be a major contributor to excess fat and weight gain? What if you don't have to follow restrictive diet plans, but plan your diet better on how, when and what you eat? Isn't that an achievable, long-term solution to weight issues? Choose our blended {medication + lifestyle} early intervention.

  • Looking for ways to reverse diabetes? Get the support you need. A convenient way to monitor and track your glucose levels in response to your diet. Identify food items that may be causing fluctuations in your glucose levels, and learn ways to regulate such imbalances. Fully decode and understand your body's glucose response to food. Start today.

  • Customize your diet, fitness and supplements. Don't guess. Identify right diet combinations and training programs to maximize your weight loss and enhance holistic well-being. The earlier you act, the better.

Let's Do This.
GenixPRO Glucose Monitoring At Home

Monitor Your Glucose Levels
Generate Your Weight Loss Plan

Individuals with weight, glucose imbalances or those diagnosed with Type-1 or Type-2
Diabetes mention the following reasons to consider our glucose monitoring services:
GenixPRO CGMAnalytics
  • Provides insights for effective diabetes management and weight control
  • Helps me understand how diet and exercise impact my glucose levels
  • Offers real-time alerts on out-of-range glucose values as nudges to move
  • Helps me identify food items in my diet causing glucose imbalances
  • Assess the impact of modifying food choices to regulate glucose levels
  • I can now decide how, when and what I eat for better weight management
  • Offers personalized diet and lifestyle advice for behavior change
  • Empowers me to make smarter nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices

Tools you need to Maximize Weight Loss.

Now Available. Easy. At your fingertips.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

PREVAIL | Well-being

Personalized. Holistic.

Wondering how the high levels of glucose in the body impact your health? Well, apart from causing weight gain and excess fat, it may also lead to inflammation and a variety of other chronic diseases. Track your glucose levels in combination with our lifestyle assessment and wearables, to personalize your diet.

We offer the most comprehensive analysis of your nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress and recovery. Use our wearable devices* or share your self-collected data to learn more about your metabolic efficiency, sleep efficiency, stress recovery, and calorific burn. Discover ways to optimize your nutrition and fitness plans.

Track and monitor your health journey from current state to transformation.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Packages

Same CGMAnalytics™ assessment, but different tests, scans and ultrasound options in these packages. Ask About Discounts* OFF list, for same day purchases. Enquire Now

What You Will Learn

GenixPRO CGM Analytics

Glucose Metabolism

Your body's ability to metabolize glucose daily in response to diet, activity, sleep and stress

Gut Health Conditions

Health Conditions

Your GenixPRO™ Health Risk Index score and likely risk for cardiometabolic disease*

GenixPRO Personalized Supplements

Medicine | Supplements

Medication interventions and supplements to support your health goals

GenixPRO Personalized Nutrition

Food Choices

Recommendations to modify food combinations in response to out-of-range glucose levels

Our Results

Better Glycemic Control


HbA1c reduction over 8 months.
~1% reduction in HbAlc reduces the risk of diabetes-related deaths by 21% and heart attacks by 14%.

Enhanced Metabolic Efficiency


Weight loss over in 8 months.
~5% reduction in body weight is associated with improvements in sugar and cholesterol levels.

CVD Risk Reduction


Reduction in total cholesterol and triglycerides levels reduces the lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease and co-morbidities.

How it Works

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Follow our recommendations and take the test every 9-12 months
  • Track your disease protection, glycemic control, metabolic efficiency and anti-inflammatory potential
  • Monitor your glucose metabolism levels and risk reduction
  • Receive updated food and supplementation recommendations

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Our Product Differentiation

Categories GenixPRO™ Others
Technology: Integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring with wearables and health coaching for personalized insights
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Assessment: Of diet, activity, sleep, stress, metabolic efficiency, sleep efficiency and calorific burn
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Recommendations: Based on real-time glucose level information in combination with your food choices
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Services: Offer integrated Lab Tests | Imaging | Medical Examination* | Medication | Chronic Disease Management
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Value: Add-on DNA and Gut Health Screening for most advanced and actionable nutrition, fitness, health insights
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Analytics: AI-powered Health Risk Stratification (Diseases | Deficiencies)
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Support: Personalized diet, supplements, probiotics based on holistic health assessment
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided
Purpose: Health Priority Analysis. Digital Health Coaching. Your Holistic Health Transformation.
GenixPRO Complete
Not Provided

Access Actionable Insights

GenixPRO CGM Actionable Insights

Managing glucose levels is the cornerstone of diabetes care, and it presents a long-term challenge for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals alike. A continuous glucose monitor is a wearable technology that makes it easier to track your glucose levels 24 hours a day for individuals with Type-1 or Type-2 Diabetes or on intensive insulin therapy. Many aspects (including diet, exercise, medication) can affect your sugar levels and make managing diabetes challenging, even when you think you’re doing everything right. Very high (hyperglycemia) or low (hypoglycemia) glucose levels can be of concern, and even life-threatening when not addressed timely. The use of such technology and devices may lead to better lifestyle planning for finer glucose control.

Our holistic, at-home CGMAnalytics™ is an all-in-one, integrated Lifestyle and Metabolic Assessment and recommendations tool. Our analysis may help you to make more informed choices throughout the day about your diet and physical activity for holistic well being. Better. Together.

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Add-on Comprehensive Health Check

Gain health insights, personalized nutrition and supplementation
recommendations. Optimize lifestyle choices for holistic health.

Comprehensive Health Screening

Did you know that your genetic predispositions and the trillions of bacteria in your gut affect your glucose levels, metabolism, health, aging, weight, mood, and even personality? Assess your health holistically with Gut and DNA health screening add-on.

  • Discover how your DNA and Gut microbiome composition of beneficial and likely harmful gut bacteria, food and lifestyle choices impact your glucose levels, weight, metabolism. Identify ways to optimize health
  • Assess real-time impact of your lifestyle, nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, mental health, immunity, resilience, and several other factors on glucose metabolism and weight management
  • Personalize Your Health Plan. Be empowered to make the right nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices to maximize your health
Let's Do This.

Optimize Your Health

GenixPRO DNA Gut Health Screening

Weight Management

GenixPRO™ CGMAnalytics™ solution offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to weight management. Measure and track real-time glucose levels, and in combination with our wearables* and health coaching app WYZR™ identify ways to maximize your metabolic efficiency and calorific burn. Our reports provide a snapshot summary and recommendations on your nutrition, activity, sleep, stress and recovery. Get started today.
GenixPRO CGM Weight Management
  • Easy to use, non-invasive, actionable and holistic health insights.
  • Identify sustainable lifestyle changes based on your personalized food choices
  • Evidence-based, supported and guided by our in-house team of health experts*
  • Access Digital Health Coaching and engage in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness activities

Our Holistic Well-Being Ecosystem

GenixPRO Telemedicine

Doctor Review

Review your results, get a second opinion, medication or book a follow-up for better diabetes management. Access our global network of healthcare specialists conveniently from home. Consultation charges may apply*
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WYZR Digital Health Coaching

Diet | Nutrition

Download WYZR™ - curated personalized health coaching app. Access instructor-led, online, live classes hosted by our trained nutritionists and dieticians. Cook healthy, low GI meals, quick bites, seek nutrition tips and guidance.
Learn More
GenixPRO Fitness Coaching

Exercise | Fitness

Join live fitness classes hosted globally by our experts. Access programs for strength training, yoga, meditation, build endurance or pursue your interests. We make it simple to enhance holistic health. Better. Together.
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GenixPRO Gut Health Screening

Gut Health Screening

Lab Tests | GUT | Lifestyle based all-in-1 health check to analyze your gut health composition, identify root causes, stratify health risks and personalize nutrition for diabetes management and metabolic health.
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