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GenixPRO™ is Asia's first all-in-one Blood Test | Lifestyle | DNA and GUT health screening that empowers YOU with unique insights and actionable recommendations about your likely health risks, diet, fitness, weight and stress management. We influence a positive behaviour change and improve outcomes in your pursuit to maximize your holistic health.

We Elevate Your Health Screening

Comprehensive and personalized Executive Health Check for Individuals and Families. Enquire about our most advanced full body checkup. Assure your health and well-being.
Gut Health Screening

Gut Health Screening

Blood Test | GUT | Lifestyle based integrated health check to analyze your gut health composition, identify root causes, stratify health risks and personalize nutrition.
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DNA Health Screening

DNA Health Screening

Blood Test | DNA | Lifestyle based integrated health check to assess and stratify disease and deficiency risks, and to personalize nutrition and fitness.
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Executive Health Screening

General Health Screening

Blood Test | Ultrasound | Lifestyle based regular full-body health checkup to assess your present state of health and to manage chronic diseases and deficiencies.
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Infant Gut Screening

Infant Gut Screening

GUT Health checkup for infants up to 3 y.o. to assess growth and development, immunity, gut composition, and make health and nutrition recommendations.
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A.I and Machine Learning powered Health Risk Assessment that integrates a multi-disciplinary Clinical | Lifestyle | DNA | Gut Microbiome based health check with health coaching follow-up. We empower individuals and families with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of their holistic health blueprint;
  • Personalized, actionable recommendations to enhance nutrition, fitness, sleep quality, mental well-being, immunity and resilience;
  • Customized health coaching follow-ups to influence positive behavior change and improve outcomes in pursuit to maximize holistic health.
GenixPRO Integrated Health Care Approach


Home Health Screening

Home Health Screening

At times, it may be difficult for you to schedule annual health checkup and follow-up amidst your busy lifestyle. We adapt to service your health screening needs better, in the comfort of your home.
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Blood Test At Home

Blood Tests

We partner CAP* accredited and ISO certified top-tier labs in-country and worldwide. Order your regular or specialized blood tests and securely access reports online within 1-2 business days*
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Radiology and Imaging

Radiology | Imaging

We offer X-ray, MRI, CT scans, ultrasound with elastography, mammography, ultrasound scans, DEXA scans and bone mineral densitometry, cardiovascular assessment and stress ECG.
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Telehealth and Telemedicine

Digital Health

Access, monitor and track your and family health data online. Consult with our registered physicians, healthcare practitioners, genetic counselors, nutritionists, dieticians and functional medicine experts.
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Our packages provide you access to your personalized health recommendations based on your holistic health blueprint.
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Personalized Healthcare


Personalized Nutrition


Personalize your nutrition based on comprehensive health risk checkup. Know your savour and avoid foods. Eat Right. Feel Great.
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Personalized Fitness and Weight Loss


Customize your fitness plans. Know your injury risks, metabolism traits and weight-loss potential. Vitality. Conquered.
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Personalized Supplements


Overcome nutritional deficiencies, manage stress, build immunity and resilience, restore sleep quality and emotional well-being.
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Digital Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Instructor-led, online, live, holistic health coaching platform. Choose. Watch. Learn. Participate. Do. Transform. In the Metaverse!
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Our Milestones

A repeatable, scalable business growing at the speed of our corporate and individual partnerships.
Our rapidly expanding partner ecosystem further contributes to this leading exponential growth.
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We retain the familiarity of a "conventional" health screening workflow, but transform our healthcare delivery to at home, on demand, digital health. Using our purpose-built Digital Health platform. Providing 10x the convenience, ideally suited for today’s lifestyle needs.
GenixPRO Workflow

Whom We Serve

We are PRO healthcare - enabling targeted, accountable, individual wellness to achieve better outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem.







Transform Your Health


Covid 19 Immunity
Can genetics help assess your immune response to Covid-19?
Like all viruses, SARS-CoV-2 needs to get inside human cells to multiply and thrive. To do this, the outer protein shell of the virus latches onto a matching receptor in human host, called ACE2, normally found in our lungs, kidneys, heart and the gut. Our body’s immune system is critical in determining the disease severity from the point of infection.
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DNA Health Conditions
Genetics and Heart Disease: What you need to know?
Did your father have a stroke? Did your mother have a heart attack? Did any of your grandparents have heart disease? Do you have a family history of type-2 diabetes or elevated cholesterol, blood pressure or elevated sugar levels?
Those may seem like random questions, but they are very relevant when it comes to understanding your likely risk for these chronic health conditions. Knowledge about your family medical history, along with your likely health risk predispositions based on your genetic assessment, may help you avoid both heart disease and stroke – among the leading causes of deaths worldwide.
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