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GenixPRO™ is the only personalized DNA and GUT health screening program that empowers YOU with unique insights and actionable recommendations about your health risks, diet, fitness, weight and stress management - to influence positive behaviour change and improve outcomes in your pursuit to maximize your holistic health.

Elevate Your Health Screening

Comprehensive yet personalized Executive Health Check for Individuals, Families and
Wellness Providers - most advanced full body checkup to assure health and wellbeing.

DNA Health Screening

  • Visualize how your comprehensive DNA | Blood Test | Lifestyle assessment collectively impacts your holistic health

  • Use ETNA™ your Digital Health Coach, to identify and make personalized nutrition, fitness and lifestyle enhancements

  • Access in-house health coaching for customized diet and fitness plans, mindset lessons, real-time insights to influence behavior change

  • Take Charge: Securely and conveniently access all your health information. Track continuously. Monitor anytime, anywhere.

Predict Health Risks Early

Personalize Your Nutrition

Gut Health Screening

  • Determine your Gut Microbiome composition. Learn how your gut microbes impact your risk for metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes, gastritis, abdominal pain, mental health, immunity, resilience

  • Discover your beneficial and harmful gut bacteria, probiotic and pathogenic species. Identify ways to optimize your gut health

  • Learn about your unique response to food and ways in which you can personalize your nutrition; and

  • Be empowered to make the right lifestyle and nutrition choices to maximize your holistic health.

Home Health Screening Packages

Gut Health Screening may help one understand health risks, food sensitivities and how to personalize nutrition.
DNA Health Screening may help understand health risk predispositions and how to personalize fitness and diet.
Explore our DNA and Gut Microbiome health checkup packages, or contact us for a custom quote for GenixPRO™.

  • $ 228
    (Gut Health Screening)
  • Explore your gut microbiome composition and diversity
  • Understand ways your diet and lifestyle affects your gut health
  • Identify disease risks and food sensitivity to over 600 food items
  • Personalize your nutrition
  • Furnish* recent blood-test results to assess holistic health risks

  • $ 258
    (ALL OF GutFeel™ +)
  • Elementary Lab Diagnostics
  • Assess Blood + Lifestyle + Gut Health Risks
  • Blood Test: Diabetes, Lipids, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, CBC, Bone|Joint*
  • GenixPRO™ Holistic Health Index™ score and report
  • Professional Medical Review | Health Priority Assessment

  • $ 298
    (ALL OF GutView™ +)
  • Essential Lab Diagnostics
  • Heart Health Risk and Vitamin Deficiency Screen
  • Diet, Activity, Sleep, Heart Rate Assessment*
  • Personalized Diet | Fitness Recommendations
  • Follow-up Included: 1-month digital health coaching

  • $ 198
    (DNA Health Screening)
  • Assess health risk predisposition
  • Identify your response to 90 Diet | Fitness | Metabolic Health traits
  • Diet, Activity, Sleep Assessment*
  • Personalize Nutrition | Fitness
  • Online Health Reports and Personal Health Record
  • Furnish* recent blood-test results to assess holistic health risks

  • $ 258
    (ALL OF Participate™ +)
  • Elementary Lab Diagnostics
  • Assess Blood + Lifestyle + DNA
  • Blood Test: Diabetes, Lipids, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, CBC, Bone|Joint*
  • GenixPRO™ Holistic Health Index™ score and report
  • Professional Medical Review
  • Follow-up Included: 1-month digital health coaching

  • $ 298
    (ALL OF Predict™ +)
  • Essential Lab Diagnostics
  • Heart Health Risk and Vitamin Deficiency Screen
  • Body Composition, ECG, Eye Test
  • Personalized Diet | Fitness Recommendations
  • Health Priority Analysis
  • Follow-up Included:At-home basic health check

  • $ 99
    (Basic Health Check)
  • Blood Test: Diabetes, Lipids, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, CBC, Bone/Joint*
  • ECG, Body Composition, Eye Test
  • Online Health Reports

  • $ 159
    (ALL OF Evaluate™ +)
  • Heart Health Risk and Vitamin Deficiency Screen
  • Mobile & Web Health Records
  • Health Tracker App

  • $ 199
    (ALL OF Extend™ +)
  • Hepatitis & Cancer Markers Screen
  • Professional Medical Review
  • Health Priority Assessment

  • $ 499
    (DNA Health Conditions)
  • DNA Health Predisposition
  • Assess hereditary cancer risks, genetic carrier screening
  • Professional Medical Review

Innovate Employee Health Screening

AI and Machine Learning powered evolution of "conventional" Employee Health Check - now comprising most advanced
nutrition, fitness and health risk assessments - to enable a shift from reactive to predictive and preventive health care.

Maximize Employee Wellbeing

Holistic Health Check

  • Award-winning and trusted, personalized healthcare company. Headquartered in Singapore and scaling operations across Asia

  • Rooted in scientific capabilities and a pioneer in evidence-based, analytics-driven, innovative Health Screening and Wellness programs

  • Empowering employees to access and understand their holistic health blueprint in a safe, secure, confidential manner; and

  • Integrating Clinical | Lifestyle | Genomics assessment, to enable informed lifestyle choices that lower costs, enhance employee health.

Measurable Impact

Evidence-based integrated program comprising Clinical | Lifestyle | Genetics parameters.
Scientifically identify a roadmap to enhance Individual and Organization health.


Data-Driven Approach

Workplace Wellness doesn't have to be a subjective metric. Measure and monitor the ROI and Health Index of your organization with GenixPRO™

Maximize Innate Abilities

Unique DNA guided insights to personalize fitness, weight, stress management; programs suited to natural strengths of each individual.

Actionable Recommendations

Empower individuals to make the necessary lifestyle changes to cultivate and improve health. Make it accountable, engaging and rewarding using GenixPRO™ AnyConnect™ real-time dashboard and mobile apps.

Improved Outcomes

Reduce healthcare claims, increase employee engagement, elevate brand positioning as "Employer of Choice". Better. Together.


Our packages provide you access to your personalized health recommendations based on your holistic health blueprint.



A holistic health program exclusive to your organization. Access all our products
on-demand - for Employees | Individuals | Families | Healthcare Providers.

NutriGenix™ | Nutrition

Understand your weight-loss potential, ideal diet type, food sensitivities, vitamins and antioxidant needs, detox ability and eating behavior. Make right choices to enhance metabolic health.

FitGenix™ | Fitness

Know your power vs. endurance profile, aerobic performance, injury risk, stress recovery pathways, bone and joint health. Identify fitness programs best suited to your innate strengths.

EmoGenix™ | Mental Health

Assess resilience, stress response, behavior traits, memory performance, sociability. Identify inner personality traits that may help you respond better to your environment and life events.

SkinGenix™ | Personal Care

Wouldn’t we all like to know if and when we are going to lose our hair, develop premature greying or skin ailments? Stop guessing. Knowing genetic risks can save your hair and skin.

BabyGenix™ | Prenatal

Knowledge is reassuring. Get vital information about your baby as early as 10-weeks into your pregnancy, from a simple non-invasive test. Plan your pregnancy with assurance.

MyGenix™ | Health Conditions

Know your predisposition and inherited risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, or cancer. Monitor biochemical parameters not typically assessed in blood-tests.

Assess. Analyze. Act.

Our comprehensive, scientific approach includes health checkup, health coaching, personalized diet and fitness plans,
follow-up tests, and program adherence monitoring - delivering actionable recommendations for your holistic health.

Situation Assessment

Situation Assessment

Quantify data on wellness attitudes, productivity, costs, internal metrics*.
Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation

Medical history, vitals, biometrics, lifestyle, medications data.
Traits Discovery

Traits Discovery

Comprehensive health screening. Onsite or at home.
Health Index Reports

Holistic Health Index Reports

Online, personalized, health risk index reports.
Health Advisory

Health Advisory

Personalized review to help you comprehend your baseline results.
Action Plan

Action Plan

8/12-week fitness and diet plan recommendations.
Wellness Cohorts

Program Execution

Functional teams, contests, mindset lessons, motivation, engagement.
App-based Tracking

App-based Tracking

Ongoing wellness, fitness, nutrition advisory, coaching, 6-month follow-up.

Fun Facts

A repeatable, scalable business growing at the speed of our corporate and individual partnerships.
Our rapidly expanding partner ecosystem further contributes to this exponential growth.

Lives Impacted
Digital Engagements
Health Notifications

Functional Details

Use our Digital Health Platform to influence a positive behavior change in individual health and wellbeing.

Health Dashboard

Quickly, conveniently and securely record, store, access, and analyze your clinical, genetic and lifestyle information. Comprehensive assessment for holistic health.

Wearables Integration

Sync with your preferred wearable - Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch, iPhone, and others. We aggregate data from a variety of ecosystem partners.

Smart Analytics

Individual and health provider mobile apps and reporting. Your personalized, preventive healthcare action plan and tools to achieve your goals. Faster. Together.

Health Alerts

SMS alerts, medication reminders, campaigns, in-app notifications, appointment booking, chatbots, health checks.

Health Coaching

Measure and track individual progress, customized activity planner, nutrition advice, schedule follow-ups on mobile.

Full Customization

Integrate with your business website, custom notes, forms, templates by cohorts, billing, scheduling, reporting.


We are PRO healthcare - enabling targeted, accountable, individual wellness to achieve better outcomes across the health ecosystem.







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Having a strong immune response during the incubation period can prevent the infection taking hold, reduce the actual quantity of virus in the body (viral load) and prevent it from getting to the lungs. Research indicates that specific genetic variations in AHR, TMPRSS2, IL18, CYP1A1, MBL2, IL8, TNF, IL17A and other genes in some individuals might play a role in initial disease severity. By generating an early adaptive immune response in some individuals, the body seems to recognize the virus during the incubation period and fight it off. However, for some people the immune response is excessive or prolonged and causes a "cytokine storm" - a catastrophic overreaction that causes so much inflammation and organ damage, it can be fatal. This causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), when fluid builds up in the lungs. Find out your risk for respiratory infections, ARDS and your immune system response.

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